What is your practice? 

Garden of the Mind


I have been gardening in containers for 12 years now due to living in rental property the majority of those years. When I started, I was so “green” (pun intended) that I didn’t even know there was a term for this type of gardening.  My first few years of container gardening on my 3rd floor apartment balcony was mostly trial and error…as are many things in our early 20’s.

I finally came into my own gardening when my living space was upgraded to a concrete patio in full sun. The pots got bigger and my green thumb developed! Trial and error continued!

Last year, I became a Master Gardener and got inspired to do lots more with know-how and creativity.  I have volunteered hundreds of hours and learned hundreds of new things about gardening.  Just as yogis practice yoga, I practice gardening.  It is my zen, earth mama time.

The last ten weeks, I have been in a personal development class that has encouraged me to set short and long-term goals, define my motivators, identify key parts of my personality and has encouraged me to adopt the practice of reciting daily affirmations…in the mirror…Stuart Smalley style!  This course has encouraged me to practice these skills so that I may lead a healthier, happier life.

What is your practice?

Yogis “dedicate their practice” or “set their intention” on something specific as a guiding force to focus their breath and energy through their poses.  When I garden, I am able to focus my intention and at times I dedicate my practice when planting something meaningful like my Dad and Grandma’s favorite flowers (pansies & violas).

Setting a positive intention or dedication when doing anything in life is one step in the right direction for having a positive outcome.  When I garden in a hurry or when I’m in a bad mood, things come out differently.  When I clear my head, take my time, and focus on being intentional as I plant or prune things, they always look better in the end.

Tomorrow, my class ends in a graduation ceremony and I will present the last ten blog photos I have posted to the class and guests…so I need to finish this blog and make presentation skills my “practice” for a bit!

Live & Grow!


What kind of seeds are you watering?



I love the quote above especially since I am working on growing some seeds indoors for the first time ever.  I went to visit family and spent a night away from home this weekend so my seedlings missed a couple waterings and I returned to some of them (delphinium and phlox)being well…dried up and pretty much dead.  Thankfully, the zinnias and the old fashioned mix made it.  Because this is my first attempt at starting seeds indoors I am not being too hard on myself.

A few days ago, when I first put the quote above onto the photograph I took of some zinnias I had several years ago it conjured up ideas about being strong and overcoming what life can pile on top of us.  Seeds of courage, love, determination…

But, after looking at it again with new eyes now I see that all types of seeds might get “buried” in our lives that we need to dry up and die but we keep watering them.  Seeds like self-doubt, jealousy, judgment, hate, anger…are there others you would like to add to the list?

I think it’s interesting how a quote such as this can mean different things at different times.

“They tried to bury us.  They didn’t know we were seeds.”

Rereading this quote again also made me think of feelings that we bury hoping that they will go away and memories that we suppress because of the way they make us feel.  Sadly, those feelings usually can’t stay buried and never sprout into a problem.  Seeds like these might grow into chronic overeating, substance abuse, compulsive shopping, putting others down to lift ourselves up, hurting others the same way we have been hurt…

This week, which seeds am I going to water and which ones am I going to let dry up?


  • fitness – move my body in some way that benefits my heart and mind daily
  •  patience – count to ten before overreacting responding to something that irritates me
  • water consumption – water myself by drinking more water

Let dry up

  •  self-doubt – pray and do evening visualization at bedtime
  •  sleep disturbances – limit screen time before bed
  • household clutter – declutter one space daily (even if it’s just a drawer)

What seeds do you want to water or let dry up this week?