About Heart Gardening

My work-in-progress definition of Heart Gardening:  

the work and play we use to tend the gardens of our heart.

Just as plants need nutrient rich soil, water, sunlight and occasional pruning so do our “hearts” in order to stay healthy, happy, growing, and strong.  heartfernFor example, plants such as ferns need a much different environment than cactus.  Each plant has different soil, water, and light requirements.

Hearing this analogy was a turning point in my life.  It made me realize that I needed to stop trying to make myself a cactus when I’m a fern!  At the time, I was trying to live as a fern trying to survive in a desert.

The experiences I had after that eureka moment led me to creating this blog to hopefully help others consider what their soil, water, and light requirements are and find an environment where they can best live and grow!




4 thoughts on “About Heart Gardening

    1. Wow! I’m flattered! Thank you! This is my first blogging award nomination and it inspires me to get to the keyboard and answer these awesome questions! I can’t wait to read your post when I have a chance! Hearts and flowers to you! 💗🌷🌻🌼

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