Who is that writer behind the curtain?


I have been writing this blog for a little over two years now, anonymously.  I am slowly, but surely, peeking out from behind the curtain by telling select people I know (in person) about my blog, sharing it with individuals on Facebook, and even attending a local bloggers event in my town, last week.

I gave a presentation on my last 10 blogs at the graduation from my success skills class a month ago and felt proud to have my original photography from the blog posts projected onto a huge screen for the dozen or so people gathered there to see.  This leads me to consider posting my first name and/or a photo of myself on my blog and sharing it openly with my Facebook friends as my own.


Why?  Because after two years of anonymity, I realize that I’m not helping destigmatize discussing mental health as much as I could while hiding my identity.  Yes, I do still want my privacy and I still don’t want to write with a filter due to worrying that a judgmental person will read my blog and dislike discriminate against me.  That’s where my hesitancy lies.  Stigma.  Ironic, right?

Will I get more followers or views just because people know me and want a peek inside my brain? Will no one really notice or care since blogs are a dime a dozen these days?

Will someone read my inner thoughts and musings and realize they are not alone and even reach out for help?  Not sure, but I’m beginning to think that linking some small part of my identity to my blog will help me be more willing to share it with people who I think could benefit from it.  Thoughts?

-The Heart Gardener


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